Looking for a client gift to send during COVID? Go with a classy bottle of EVOO.

A few years ago, a colleague gave me definitive advice about holiday gifting for clients: alcohol. You can’t go wrong with a nice bottle of bourbon or wine, she said. It’s classy, personal, and who doesn’t love alcohol?

Well, ever since I met my business partner Claire, who eats gluten-free due to a severe form of celiac disease and who also experienced a concussion a few years ago, I have found my answer. Claire would not love a bottle of alcohol. It would become the most expensive bottle of hand sanitizer she’s ever had.

The more I’ve learned about Claire’s…

How my white male co-founder gaslighted me out of the movement we built together.

Nearly four years after I began building Sleeping Giants, the campaign to make bigotry and sexism unprofitable, I’m leaving — but not because I want to.

I want to share with you my journey with Sleeping Giants, why taking credit matters and why you must fight for yourself as hard as you do for your cause. I want to show you how a woman of color almost disappeared from the movement she built, and what you can achieve when you refuse to follow the rules your white male “leader” sets for you.

I hope other brilliant WoC and marginalized folks…

Your options, listed.

Whether you are planning to live in Germany for a few years or a freelancer looking for private coverage, these are the most popular options used by foreigners in Germany (listed in alphabetical order).

April International

April International has a number of private insurance options, but you have to fill out a form in order just to get a quote. If you have the time do some shopping, then go for it. Otherwise, it’s a bit annoying.

There are other options out there that don’t make you work this hard.

Care Concept (starting at €59, €150 deductible)

Concept Care is cheap because it doesn’t actually cover much of anything…

When I needed health insurance for my German freelance visa, I chose Ottonova. Here’s why.

My first two years in Germany as a freelancer, I got away with a great deal. I was paying €137/month for an expat travel insurance called Mawista, which was both super cheap and accepted by the visa office.

But then the gravy train came to an end. When I went in for a visa extension with the same Mawista contract, they refused to accept it for a second round.

Why? Well, if you’re renewing your visa, they no longer consider you a “short-term” resident. …

An open letter to Poynter’s International Fact Checking Network

Hi Ms. Cristina Tardàguila and Mr. Baybars Örsek,

I’m trying to get to the bottom of something.

Last week when Mark Zuckerberg testified in front of Congress, AOC asked him how The Daily Caller, a publication with ties to white supremacists, passed FB’s “rigorous standards” for fact-checking.

Zuckerberg responded that those weren’t Facebook’s “rigorous standards” — they are yours.

In response, you claimed that Zuckerberg got his facts wrong: that the Daily Caller is not an approved fact-checker, but their subsidiary called Check Your Fact is.

Your response suggested that there is a meaningful difference between the two. …

I’m a copywriter and contrary to what you may believe, my most significant responsibility is not to write. It’s to delete. Mercilessly.

It can be a deeply disconcerting experience to watch a copywriter delete your words and sometimes your ideas, but it’s a very necessary step to clearing the way for an effective product message.

I don’t do this because “less is more” (although this is often true) and I don’t do this to hurt anyone’s feelings (although I have).

I do it because it’s one of two main reasons product messaging doesn’t work:

a.) there’s too much of the…

German health insurance can be tricky for foreigners. Here’s what you should know before you decide between public and private.

If you want to move to Germany on the German freelance visa, you have to show up to your visa appointment with proof of health insurance no matter what.

If you have a full-time job that pays less than €60,750, you get to enroll in your choice of public insurance by default through your employer. If you’re self-employed however, you have an even bigger choice to make: public or private health insurance?

For most German and EU citizens, the clear choice is still public health insurance — contributing to the public system today will ensure they’re 100% covered when they…

When I tell people I meet that I’m a freelancer in Germany, they always want to know: “That’s so random. How’d you end up there?”

Despite the stereotypes about German bureaucracy, the truth is that Germany has the friendliest visa laws in the European Union. Moving to Germany on a freelance visa in Germany is a surprisingly straightforward and predictable process — and one that allows you the full freedom to work in Germany and jet around Europe.

The German government doesn’t currently have any quotas for these visas (I’m looking at you, England) and there are no special requirements…

You already know when you’re looking at an effective marketing message.

You have that “aha!” moment. A soft-focus image of what your life could be like if you could get your hands on this product or service comes into focus. All of a sudden, the idea of living life without this product seems unbearable. You’ve seen the light and you cannot go back.

You grasp for a reason to talk yourself out of reaching for your credit card, but you can’t think of one. There really is no good reason not to act now!

And that’s how you end up…

Dropping the NRA after the Parkland shooting is easy, obvious and profitable. Why aren’t they just doing it?

When FedEx stayed silent following the increasingly intense calls from consumers to boycott the NRA, I figured they just needed some time to line their ducks in a row.

It’s a big company, right? 🤷🏽‍

What I didn’t expect is that they were just putting the final touches on a PR fuckup so epic, that they’ll be teaching it as a case study in marketing classes around the country for years to come.

But why wait? This PR statement from FedEx is a lesson that everyone in corporate America needs to study right now so they don’t make the…

Nandini Jammi

Co-Founder @ Check My Ads | Co-Founder @ Sleeping Giants | www.checkmyads.org

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